Saturday, February 23, 2019

Temple Sinai Mission Statement

Temple Sinai Mission Statement

In March, the Board of Trustees added the phrase, ‘to make all aspects of Jewish life accessible,’ to the Temple Sinai Mission Statement. This simple phrase has a great meaning to it. It is the Temple’s commitment to working with the congregation in finding ways for each of us to participate in Jewish life to any extent we choose. It is a recognition that accessibility is more than a ramp or a Braille prayer book. It is often a journey many of us make to feel part of our community. Regardless of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disability and regardless of race, age, sex, sexual orientation or economic status, making Jewish life accessible is a path worth finding. It is also important to remember that while making something accessible may change a group’s habits, it should not change a group’s values.

In support of this addition to the mission statement, the Board of Trustees passed a resolution saying that any Temple Sinai event that will be attended by a person with a disability shall be held at an accessible venue. The Board also added a policy that every two years, a committee of the Board shall be appointed to collaborate with the Access Committee to determine how to take accessibility to the next level.

, As an indication of our commitment to this mission, I am delighted to report that Temple Sinai has integrated seating. There are now eight spaces located in different parts of our sanctuary that people using wheelchairs can comfortably use to be with their friends-and-family.

I am very proud to be a member of a Temple that genuinely wants to be a welcoming community.

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